Rocket Wedding Food Trends 2022

Food is an integral part of everything we do at Rocket, and just as we change our menus seasonally, we always keep an eye on food trends, especially when it comes to weddings. While we never sacrifice quality or flavour for trendiness, we do like to reflect evolving preferences for certain dishes or styles of food and help you incorporate these into your big day. Here are some of the biggest food trends we anticipate couples gravitating toward in 2022. 

1. The grazing table

At Rocket, we love to enhance wedding receptions with speciality food stalls, whether it’s a seafood display with freshly shucked oysters or an authentic Jamon stand. This year we are seeing couples moving toward the idea of a ‘grazing table’ – the pinnacle of foodie displays where fabulous produce lies abundant on a table, from Cobble Lane charcuterie and an abundance of Heritage vegetables to sides of Secret Smokehouse salmon and incredible artisan breads. Bounty is always a sign of celebration and having a variety of options for guests to choose from allows you to showcase your favourite food items and provides a nice conversation piece for guests as they mingle.

2. A vegetable-centric starter

There is a genuine interest in vegan and vegetarian food and when it’s done well, it can make for an excellent first course, especially in the heart of summer when produce is at its finest. Having a lighter starter also allows for a more indulgent main course where a hero ingredient can shine. At Rocket, we love to put vegetables centre stage and notable vegetarian starters from our Spring Summer menu include:


La Latteria burrata with grilled and poached peach, green beans and smoked almond salad, mint cress


White and green asparagus with whipped Berkswell, endive and orange dressing


Poached Norfolk quails’ eggs with summer leaves, pickled vegetables, herbs and English salad cream


Grilled radicchio, pickled vegetables, pea and coconut yoghurt, citrus dressing mixed cresses, olive crumb

3. The showstopper main course

We are seeing a lot of love and respect for the ‘hero’ ingredient, that sensational, thoughtfully sourced prime cut. From the most delicious salt marsh lamb to Highland aged beef, couples are choosing their main course based on a hero protein taking centre stage and an emphasis on quality over quantity. At Rocket, we work with the best suppliers from around the UK who share our culinary philosophy of ‘thinking global, sourcing local’ so if you do want to have a prime cut as the main dish on your big day, we can ensure it is as sustainable as possible.

4. Unearth meaningful ingredients

With sustainability becoming an everyday topic and more people concerned over the air miles of their food, we are finding couples want locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. This is also a great way for couples to share the story of the places they love, whether it’s seasonal produce from within the British Isles, or celebrated hero ingredients like Dorset crab, Cotswold white chicken, or Cornish seabass. We also love to take a favourite international dish but create this using British ingredients – another great way for a bride and groom to add personality to their wedding menus.

5. Late night food with the volume turned up

There’s no better way to replenish late-night partygoers than a midnight snack and we love to get creative here at Rocket. No longer content with a bacon butty or cheese toastie, couples are wanting to showcase their favourite guilty pleasure food, and we are all here for it! Expect to be munching on shawarma kebabs, bao buns, and dirty burgers this summer.

Holly Cruz
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