From Garden-Inspired Canapé Trays to Key Table Pieces: Top Tips for Wedding Décor

Table décor is a great opportunity to infuse a bit of personality into your wedding day and an exciting part of the planning process. At Rocket, we love working with couples to bring their visions to life, and while some elements of classic wedding style are timeless, we do keep an eye on evolving trends when it comes to table décor. Here are a few of our favourites that we’re looking forward to in the year ahead.

Bringing the outside in

“Bringing the outside in” is not a new idea but rarely do we see it being embraced to its full potential. Where the wedding venue might be a private home, the garden is always a source of inspiration, and in 2022 we suggest taking this one step further and actually sourcing elements from the garden, whether it’s flowers, foliage, or even vegetables. Nothing can be as simple, locally sourced, and true to the surroundings while adding a touch of personality to the table décor, not to mention, it’s also a great way for family to feel involved. And you’re not limited to just tables – incorporating elements from the garden can also add a nice seasonal touch when decorating canapé or serving trays, or even place names. 

Round or long tables? Have both.

This year it’s all about creating seating areas that feel special and unique. A great way to do this is by mixing up round tables and long tables. Whereas before, there was a shift from round tables to long tables, now we’re encouraging a melange of the two. With some round tables and others long, you can create an interesting layout where conversation can flow and you’re not obligated to a certain number of people across all tables. Having a variety of tables also makes each feel different from the next, which in turn makes them all feel a bit more special. Another top tip is not to make tables too large. A 10ft long table is perfect for 10 guests, creating a more intimate dinner environment within the marquee, and a 5ft round table is perfect for 8 guests and the perfect diameter for everyone to join the same conversation. Combining shapes and sizes creates an interesting and more quirky entertaining space that’s a nice break from the norm. 

Image credit: Albion Parties

Tablecloth alternatives

Traditional whites and off-whites are becoming a thing of the past. In 2022 we’re seeing the return of stripes, patterns, and more vibrantly coloured tablecloths. Our top tip: try to source or make your own tablecloths by heading off to your local fabric shop and selecting a fabric that you like (we can also help do this for you). You’ll have originality immortalised forever.

Make a statement with key pieces

Most equipment hire companies have excellent choices for tableware, however, few might have those little statement pieces that speak of originality, from an unusual charger plate, coloured glass or candlestick. This year, think smart… source the majority of your tableware from a great local supplier and then look for those special touches elsewhere from unique shops or suppliers. These are the pieces that will make your tabletop truly memorable.

Rocket's Little Black Book

We work with a variety of specialist suppliers here at Rocket, and below are some of our favourite resources for finding special pieces to make your wedding décor unique and memorable.

A colourful treasure trove of everything ceramic and glass.

Beautiful fabrics. Ideal for long table runners & raw edges.

A good place to source unique placenames.

Stunning tableware and a Rocket favourite. 

Rachel Warren
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