Rocket Menus: Spring Summer 2024

Introducing Rocket’s meticulously crafted à la carte menu for the spring and summer seasons, thoughtfully curated and developed by our expert culinary team. The menu pays homage to the wealth of British produce and ingredients, selected at the height of their seasonality. Read on to discover several highlights and tasting notes from around the team at Rocket.

To start

Celebrating the peak season of asparagus between May and July, this dish honours the humble vegetable in its entirety. Al dente spears of Wye Valley Asparagus are paired with an indulgent emulsion of whipped tofu, miso, and blood orange. Sourdough shards offer textural contrast, while the often overlooked asparagus stems are adorned with truffle and maple-roasted hazelnuts, making this a zero waste dish.

"Get this dish while you can, as prime asparagus season doesn't last long. From the varying textures of crisp sweet asparagus to silky whipped tofu with miso and crunchy hazelnuts with sourdough shards – this is my ideal starter and spring and summer on a plate!" - Holly Cruz, Senior Events Manager

Tip-to-Tail Wye Valley Asparagus; Tableware by Maison Margaux

The Bream Crudo gives a subtle nod to Japanese cuisine, with sea bream undergoing a delicate curing process in citrus and seaweed salt before being meticulously sliced. Samphire and pickled seaweed contribute a briny complexity, while torched Tokyo turnips introduce a subtle layer of smokiness. The composition is harmoniously bound together with a wasabi mayonnaise dressing, drawing inspiration from the sashimi bowls of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, lending both heat and creaminess to the ensemble.

“I love the Bream Crudo—it stands out as the perfect prelude for an intimate seated dinner, particularly as the days grow warmer.” – Victoria Kalirai, Head of Events

Bream Crudo; Tableware by Jones Hire

The Cappelletti has become a favourite among the team, earning high praise from Rocket’s Senior Head Chef, Mathieu Defrasne, the mastermind behind this dish.

He says, “It boasts a unique vibrancy in both colour and shape, delivering a delightful and visually pleasing experience. This dish has sparked my creativity, inspiring me to delve into more pasta varieties and combinations.”

Cappelletti, often overlooked and mistaken for its distinguished counterpart, tortellini, plays a pivotal role in Rocket’s culinary repertoire. Crafted from vibrant green, fresh spinach pasta, these cappelletti are generously filled with a delightful blend of seasonal garden peas, broad beans, and mint. Resting in an umami-infused parmesan broth, the dish is tastefully adorned with pickled heritage carrots.

"The Cappelletti is characterised by its freshness, zinginess, and vibrant hues, thanks to the exceptional British-grown produce sourced from Thornicrofts. The pasta attains perfection through a savoury and umami-rich broth, simmered for extended hours with parmesan rinds." - Mathieu Defrasne, Senior Head Chef


The Ballotine of Chicken is a light and refreshing chicken salad starter, teeming with the abundance of summer produce. The ballotine is complemented with Jersey Royal potatoes, wild garlic, and summer mushrooms. Accompanied by a lovage emulsion, pickled walnuts, and a fresh peach compressed in chardonnay vinegar, the ensemble is garnished with peppery rocket and nasturtium leaves.


"The Ballotine of Chicken is like a breath of fresh air – so light and delightful. It's the ideal kick-off for a summer dinner, setting the tone for a delicious evening ahead." Louisa Moule, Head of Sales

Ballotine of Chicken; Tableware by Maison Margaux

To Follow

This main dish is a tribute to the season, showcasing the Herdwick Rump of Lamb, a distinctive breed of domestic sheep indigenous to the Lake District in North West England. The roasted lamb rump sourced from HG Walter takes centre stage, complemented by a delectable pairing of crispy potato pavé and a sumptuous lamb shoulder croquette. These components are thoughtfully counterbalanced with lighter elements, including a delicate pink Roscoff onion purée, fresh garden peas, and roasted white turnip.

"The Herdwick Rump of Lamb embodies the essence of the season, featuring a light, flavourful sauce derived from a traditional French recipe to harmonise all the elements. The incorporation of two lamb preparations adds an extra layer of intrigue to the dish—a delightful experience for those who appreciate the versatility of lamb." - Mathieu Defrasne, Senior Head Chef

Herdwick Rump of Lamb; Tableware by Options Great Hire

The next dish’s journey begins with a carefully crafted potato purée infused with premium extra virgin olive oil to achieve a velvety, luxurious texture. Atop are peeled and roasted cherry tomatoes, contributing a delightful acidity that gracefully cuts through the sumptuous richness of the Chalkstream Trout.

Additionally, fresh baby gem lettuce undergoes a gentle grilling process, imparting a subtle smokiness that elevates the dish. The ensemble is further adorned with matchstick fries, introducing a satisfying crunch that adds a playful dimension to this main course.

Chalkstream Trout; Tableware by Maison Margaux

We turn our attention to the endlessly versatile corn-fed Cotswold White Chicken in this zero-waste main course. The chicken breast takes centrestage, pan-roasted to achieve the perfect crisp exterior, while an accompanying pot pie features a luscious interplay of buttery pastry and rich chicken stock. Tender chicken thigh and white turnips share the limelight, joined by the delightful addition of sweetheart cabbage, all harmonised by an indulgent tarragon jus.

Cotswold White Chicken; Tableware by Options Great Hire

The star of this vegan plate, the Celeriac, undergoes an unusual transformation as it is marinated overnight in shawarma-spiced coconut yoghurt, infusing it with layers of robust flavours. Roasted over coals, the celeriac achieves a deep and enticing colour.

Accompanying the unassuming root vegetable is a gremolata of dandelion and capers, imparting a burst of freshness. The garlic and lemon-braised chard, velouté, and a luscious tomato purée come together harmoniously, giving the dish added brightness and zing.

Celeriac; Tableware by Maison Margaux

In the realm of main courses, the Raynham Fillet of Beef emerges as an undeniable highlight. This is a striking dish, with a balance of flavours and textures which promises an exquisite experience for aficionados of fine beef.

Paired with pommes Anna, celeriac remoulade, and a tantalizing parsley, shallot, and caper salad, this ensemble is for those with a discerning palate.

"The Raynham Beef Fillet is a thing of dreams, featuring succulent, perfectly cooked beef that just captures the senses." Victoria Kalirai, Head of Events

Raynham Fillet of Beef; Tableware by Options Great Hire

To Finish

Whether you’re satisfying your sweet tooth or indulging in a refined after-dinner treat, The Pink Lady is a dessert for everyone to enjoy. Delicately layered and baked in buttery pastry, this final course embodies the sweet and tart essence of the Pink Lady Apple. A velvety blackberry sorbet graces the plate, imparting a burst of freshness that perfectly complements the richness of the tart.

"You get that perfect blend of sweet and tart flavour from the Pink Lady apples, all balanced out with this rich, buttery pastry. It's dessert heaven, really." - Ruben Moreno, Head Pastry Chef

Pink Lady; Tableware by Maison Margaux

The Chocolate and Cherry Opéra has layers of rich chocolate and luscious cherry, with each note perfectly orchestrated to delight the palate. Paired with a scoop of smooth black cherry ice cream and topped with caramelised chocolate soil, this dessert is a harmonious blend of decadence and sophistication, sure to leave you craving an encore.

Chocolate and Cherry Opéra; Tableware by Jones Hire

Finally, the Strawberry Arlettes is an exquisite interplay of fresh strawberries, intricately crafted puff pastry arlettes, and a decadent coconut & lime cream. Finished with a palate-refreshing strawberry sorbet, this dessert is the epitome of summer indulgence featuring plump British strawberries at the peak of their seasonality.

Strawberry Arlettes; Tableware by Maison Margaux

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Tableware by Maison Margaux, Jones Hire, and Options Great Hire

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