Our Favourite Rocket Canapés to Celebrate With This Summer

With a summer full of celebrations on the horizon, starting with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next week, we’re taking the opportunity to hero something we’re rather famous for here at Rocket – the canapé. The perfect way to add a touch of luxury and a sense of occasion to any party or event, canapés set the tone for the evening and allow guests to mingle and get into the party spirit. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite canapés for summer 2022, which we imagine will be very popular on our renowned Rocket canapé trays….

Coronation chicken

Originally conceived by Constance Spry in honour of the Queen’s coronation in 1953, and to represent the different flavours of the commonwealth, our chefs have reimagined this iconic British dish and turned it into a beautiful and elegant canapé. The crispy filo tube adds a bit of crunch, while the smoked almonds and apricot ketchup add a modern touch. A must for any Rocket-catered event this summer. 

An assortment of ombre soufflés

Nothing says summer quite like a flourish of colour, which is epitomised by our ombre soufflé canapés. With varieties including beetroot and goat’s curd, tomato and black olive, carrot purée with star anise, and sweetcorn with a parmesan crisp, these vibrant canapés not only look amazing, but they spotlight all the incredible British ingredients available at the peak of summer, from Isle of Wight tomatoes to sweetcorn from Devon. This crowd-pleasing display makes a striking addition to your canapé selection and encapsulates the colours and bounty of summer. 


The perfect option for when the weather turns hot (Mother Nature permitting). Our new kohlrabi canape is a light and refreshing bite that also happens to be vegan. Pickled kohlrabi is paired with elderflower, water chestnut and edamame to create a delicate canapé with hues of green and blue that looks and tastes like a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day.

Prawn and lobster toast

We always advise adding a hot canapé option to your menu, and our newest prawn and lobster toast is a distinctive option that will wow your guests. Sweet and delicate Cornish prawns and lobster are paired with pickled ginger bonito and finished with sesame seeds and purple basil. It’s crunchy, savoury, and light; ideal for summer evenings with a glass of champagne in hand.

Celeste Good
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