‘The New Black Vanguard’ Preview at Saatchi Gallery

The merging of art and food is not a new concept, but the ability to create a food experience that so effectively complements the artwork on display is something that Rocket has been perfecting over the years.

The private exhibition preview of “The New Black Vanguard” at Saatchi Gallery was one of Rocket’s most memorable events in 2022. The artworks were displayed in a visually stunning environment, with expertly created food stations adding another layer of depth to the exhibition. Rocket’s culinary expertise and attention to detail made this event an exceptional example of how food and art can be combined to create an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Saatchi Gallery hosted a private exhibition preview of The New Black Vanguard, showcasing the works of 15 international Black photographers who are revolutionizing the representation of the Black figure in art and fashion. The event was made even more special with the help of Rocket, that created a riveting dining experience that merged food and art.

The private viewing featured several food stations, each with its own distinct theme and focus. One of the most popular stalls was the charcuterie station, which had a jamon carver expertly slicing the meat. Another highlight was the hanging smoked salmon stall, where freshly carved smoked salmon was served alongside bowl food. A vegetable-forward food station showcased the most seasonal produce, featuring Middle Eastern dips, vegetable crudites, and salads that tantalized guests’ taste buds.

The food stations were located amid the exhibition’s artwork, which was hung on electric blue and pink walls, creating a captivating environment. The private exhibition began with a canape reception, offering guests an array of mouth-watering options such as seared scallops, falafel, and whipped smoked trout in choux.

In the next gallery, long tables styled by florist Simon Lycett were set up against bold, bright red and yellow walls, with fresh vegetable decor that matched the colours. Red and yellow peppers, greenery, and other produce added a pop of colour to the space, making it an even more visually stunning experience.

The private viewing concluded with after-dinner drinks, allowing guests to continue enjoying the unique and immersive environment created by the combination of art and food. Throughout the evening, the guests were treated to an exceptional culinary experience that was expertly intertwined with the exhibition, creating a memorable event.


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