How to Curate the Best Wedding Cocktail List

We love cocktails at Rocket. They’re a great way to kick off the evening or provide replenishment after dinner, and just as you put a lot of thought into the food menu for your wedding, deciding what drinks to serve is an equally important (and fun!) part of the planning process. While many couples like to curate their cocktail menus to showcase their personality and reflect their own favourite drinks, we have a few top tips to ensure you have a fabulous array of drinks without polarising guests or having too much choice.

1. Keep it classic

Keep it simple and classic, unless you feel it is a point of paramount significance. Most guests will drink what they see the bride and groom drinking, so keeping it classic ensures you’re offering something approachable that you know people will enjoy. For that bit of difference, work with your caterer to explore ways of providing a little twist on the classics. At Rocket, we work with the specialist mixologists at Drinks Fusion, who know how to add that little touch of luxury or point of difference without straying too far from the original. 

2. Have a concise cocktail menu

If cocktails are a complement to other drinks on your big day like wine and champagne, then we recommend showcasing only two or three, as this way you will get the very most out of the barmen. These should be well balanced for both the acidic and sweet-toothed palate, all the while working in unison with the moments throughout the day, such as something long and refreshing at the reception and something a little shorter and stronger after dinner to pick you up and get you on that dance floor.

3. Theme your cocktails

Try and theme your cocktails. If your menu is full of Mediterranean delights try extending this to your cocktails. We always recommend sticking to the classics, however, we do encourage a seasonal twist – Rhubarb Negroni anyone? Another trend that is great fun for your guests is to have your cocktails reflect the regionality of the happy couple, e.g. French groom and British bride; Boulevardier or English Garden?

4. Glassware, garnish, and a quality ice cube

Glassware, garnish and a quality cube. These take your cocktails from being delicious to absolutely breathtaking. With elegant glassware that few have seen before, beautiful bespoke ice so clear you can see right through it, and stunning seasonal garnishes, your cocktails are guaranteed to be a real talking point, not to mention the perfect accessory for a picture or two! We love to source garnishes from our friends at Nurtured in Norfolk.

Image credit: Drinks Fusion and Albion Parties

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