Rocket Menus: Autumn Winter 2023

As the leaves begin to change colours and a crisp chill fills the air, here at Rocket we are thrilled to unveil our new autumn-winter 2023 menus. Just like the seasons, our commitment to offering seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainable dishes remains unwavering. This season, we’ve curated an exciting array of dishes that reflect the very best of British produce, expertly crafted by Rocket’s culinary team.

To start

To begin, our Sea Bass starter is a symphony of flavours and textures. Delicately torched sea bass takes centre stage, complemented by a creamy vichyssoise, crispy toasted baby leeks, and a drizzle of aromatic leek oil. This dish embodies the essence of the British coast in every bite.

“A drizzle of fragrant leek oil is the finishing touch that ties all the elements together. It’s a small but essential detail that elevates the overall experience,” – Mathieu Defrasne, Senior Head Chef 

Stracciatella, which translates to “shreds” or “rags” in Italian, is the creamy cheese that makes up the inside of a burrata. Made from pulled mozzarella curds mixed with fresh cream, this vegetarian starter showcases the best variety from La Latteria, a London-based cheesemonger that makes Italian-style cheeses using British milk. Stracciatella is elegantly paired with shaved and burnt Conference pears, slow-roasted grapes, and a hint of zesty lemon to create a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury. 

Rocket’s Chalk Stream Trout ceviche is a refreshing starter that celebrates this delicate local fish. The trout, cured in Negroni, dances with burnt orange notes, dill yoghurt, shaved fennel, and a medley of bitter leaves. It’s a refreshing journey that will excite your tastebuds for the mains that are yet to come.

To follow

For something from the sea, our pan-fried Black Bream is paired with smoked pink fir potatoes, grilled artichokes, a delicate whey emulsion, and tender samphire. This fish is renowned for its delicate, flaky texture and profile that captures the essence of the ocean. Pan-frying it to perfection results in a crisp, golden exterior that gives way to tender, succulent flesh. 

The Celeriac is a treat not only reserved for vegans and vegetable lovers. Featuring a hearty celeriac steak, crispy miso mushrooms, butterbeans, kale, and a root vegetable jus, it’s a celebration of autumnal flavors highlighting the best of British produce abundant from late September to Early November. The unassuming root vegetable takes on a whole new dimension in our kitchen. Thick-cut and perfectly seasoned, the celeriac steak boasts a robust texture and a depth of flavour that pairs perfectly with the earthy notes of the dish. It’s a nod to the versatility of plant-based ingredients and their potential to shine in the spotlight.

The heart of the XO Beef is the Beef Cheek, meticulously braised to perfection. This technique allows the meat to absorb an array of East Asian flavours, resulting in a meltingly tender texture that’s incredibly rich and savoury. The use of XO sauce, an umami-packed condiment originating from Hong Kong, elevates the dish with its complex blend of aromatics like star anise and ginger. The marriage of British slow-cooked tradition and Asian-inspired umami is what sets this dish apart.

“The Beef Cheek is a textural journey. From the baked sticky rice to the melt-in-your-mouth beef cheek that’s braised for hours. We’ve created an XO sauce that everyone can enjoy, using mushrooms and deeply caramelised shallots in lieu of dried shellfish.” – Mathieu Defrasne, Senior Head Chef 

To finish

Indulging in dessert adds the perfect finishing touch to a memorable experience. The foundation of our Mille-Feuille is the caramelised puff pastry, which adds a sublime sweetness and a subtle hint of toffee, creating a base that’s not just delicious but also visually striking. The cherry’s natural sweetness and tartness play a crucial role in balancing the dessert, elevating it to a harmonious blend of flavours.

“The Mille-Feuille is very special to me and it’s my favourite dessert because of its uniqueness. The cherry sorbet is  refreshing and tart, making it a great companion to the rich buttery layers of the pastry.” – Ruben Moreno, Head Pastry Chef

Our Rhubarb and chocolate creation features milk chocolate and rhubarb mousse, rhubarb compôte, amaretti matcha crumble, and a refreshing champagne sorbet. It’s a dessert that weaves together contrasting elements—creamy and tart, sweet and bitter, soft and crunchy—into an unforgettable composition.

Pear belle Hélène is a visually striking and playful dish. What appears at first glance to be a simple piece of fruit is, in fact, a chocolate and pear mousse. Accompanied by a pear compôte, chocolate soil, and white almond ice cream, this dessert is a perfect balance of autumnal flavours and will surprise and delight in both taste and presentation.

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Erika Batty
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