Small, easy changes for a more sustainable party

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word.

We’re making moves to put our best eco-foot forward, despite being in an industry that can often be wasteful, we have been recognized as a Top Sustainable Caterer by Hire Space.

Here the Rocketeer gives top tips to help you entertain with the environment in mind.

Our quick tips

Decorate with in-season flowers

There’s a gorgeous floral for every time of the year. Shop smart and seasonally to save airmiles and energy

Source local produce

It may seem obvious, but we can never be reminded enough to eat what we can produce nearby.

Get creative with ‘top to toe’ menus

Carrot tops make for a lovely salad garnish; use leftover fruit to make ice creams; keep your vegetable peelings and animal bones for stocks (perfect for sauces and soups); there are endless ways to utilise as much of your produce as possible.

Serve draught beer and wine

Serving beverages on draught may sound like a faff, but the small amount of extra effort is worth it. And don’t be under any illusions that all wine on tap is poor quality – there are many brilliant wine producers using this eco-friendly packaging method.

Less meat can be more

There’s a lot to be said for moderation. No need to go completely veggie (unless you want to) but a good balance of meat-free food is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Prepare a leftovers plan

Maybe it’s giving remaining food to the relevant charities, or stocking up your fridge for the following week’s meals. You could even ‘gift’ guests with elegantly packaged take-home bags. Consult your caterer as to what can be saved.

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