Earth Month at Rocket

In April, we celebrated Earth Month at Rocket, which provided a platform for environmental issues to take center stage. Coinciding with this, we also observed Wellness Month, where mental health and employee wellbeing were given prominence through various activities, such as weekly runs, yoga, a protein ball competition, and Meatless Mondays. We’re thrilled to have engaged the entire Rocket team in discussions about important issues.

This month also highlighted the ongoing efforts of the Eco-Rocketeers, a new opportunity for Rocket to help the community through charities like Ace of Clubs, as well as the introduction of our new spring and summer menus that hero locally-sourced ingredients and plant-based options.


To ensure we are always improving and maintaining sustainable processes, Rocket has established an internal sustainability committee, called the Eco-Rocketeers. This committee consists of at least one member from each department of the company and convenes monthly, with a specific sustainable focus at each meeting. The committee provides a platform for evaluating Rocket’s current practices with a view from all sides of the organisation and the implementation of measures to reduce Rocket’s carbon footprint and improve our internal policies and practices.

Jessica Marber, Chair of the Eco-Rocketeers, shares some insight into the month ahead: “In May, we will focus our efforts on Charity & Corporate Responsibilities, exploring ways of giving back to the community while being sustainable. We are also going to revisit food waste management to improve our post-event segregation systems and provide additional training to our wider team. We are constantly looking to better our approaches to decrease our carbon footprint and our monthly focus allows us to ensure that nothing at Rocket is left out in the process.”

Feeding the Community

An exciting development at Rocket has been our renewed collaboration with Ace of Clubs charity. We are proud to be assisting them by providing hot meals prepared by our team as well as offering volunteers to serve the community.

Eleanor Cox, Rocket’s Ace of Clubs co-ordinator, says, “Working with Ace of Clubs over the past couple of months has been an incredible experience for everyone involved. Rocket has always been keen on finding opportunities to be able to serve our local community and it has been a joy to be able to meet and work with all the staff and guests at Ace of Clubs.”

She adds, “The kitchen team have provided hot meals which have been incredibly well received and everyone at Rocket has pitched in the truly ‘Rocket Way’ by providing the same standard of service at Ace of Clubs which we would provide at the V&A. I cannot wait to see how our relationship with Ace of Clubs continues to grow over the coming months!”

Do take a look at Ace of Clubs’ many initiatives providing transformative support, not only feeding over 150 people each day but also working with various organizations to provide clothing, accommodation, welfare advice, weekly healthcare assistance and a food bank that not only feeds those less fortunate but also provides businesses like Rocket with the opportunity to reduce their food waste.

Ace of Clubs is always looking for more volunteers, assistance and financial aid to be able to continue helping the community.

Head over to their website to donate and learn more.

Sustainable Travel

For Earth Month, we have been focusing our efforts on sustainable travel. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have recently acquired our very own electric refrigerated van, that not only provides transportation to events but also delivering our Pocket Rocket canapés sustainably and in style to our clients.

We have also partnered up with Zipcar to provide our team with an electric vehicle option for site visits and travel further afield. This has not only allowed us to highlight the importance of limiting our travel footprint but also helped us plan for more sustainable future.

More Local, More Plant-Based and Less Food Waste

At Rocket, we carefully prepare our menus to feature at least 30% vegetarian and plant-based options. Following the seasons, our chefs work hard to build menus that star beautiful local produces, thereby reducing our food mile. For instance, our Spring/Summer menus launched this month, include plant-based canapés such as Bulgogi Rolls or Aubergine Char Siu, and exquisite à la carte dishes starring our Slow-Roasted Celeriac Root, Warm Tartare Sauce, Pickled Kohlrabi and toasted hazelnuts, which elevates celeriac to a new level.

Pocket Rocket has also launched a brand-new box called The Bloomsbury Collection, showcasing a seasonal range of canapés that is fully British in its ingredients and one of our most colourful boxes yet. This box also features our tip-to-toe asparagus canapé which consists of using all parts of the vegetable.

Head over to our Sustainability Page to find out more about Rocket’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

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