The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2023

At Rocket, we love to explore the latest trends in the fast-paced world of events or flick through our little black book of trusted suppliers to help make your wedding the most memorable of days. From timeless designs that won’t go out of style to novel wedding culinary and creative trends, here are a few things to watch for that’s making us feel very inspired for the upcoming summer wedding season.

Making an entrance

The first dance is considered to be one of the most significant events of a wedding party. In recent years, we have however seen the spotlight shift towards the couple’s grand entrance to the breakfast or reception.

Our senior event manager Holly Cruz shares:

“ Coming from Spain, I feel that a particular Mediterranean tradition is catching on in the UK…  the first dance is no longer as significant as making a big entrance to the wedding breakfast. Be it your favourite dance music or a special song, picking a soundtrack that gets everyone jumping up as you enter the room is becoming the thing to do (for many couples this is welcome news).”

Eye-catching Feasts & Open Fire Cooking

While a three-course sit-down meal may seem most traditional, we’re increasingly encouraging our couples to mix it up. Eye-catching food stalls and dessert boutiques have started replacing starters or puddings. Not only do they capture everyone’s attention, but guests can also enjoy the freedom of eating exactly what they fancy, there and then. Is there anything more enticing as your starter than a hanging smoked salmon or an ice sculpture full of oysters?  Or witnessing open-fire-cooking as your main course? Or seeing gem-like canapés presented on a beautifully adorned dessert boutique? As a result of this changing trend, there is less pressure on the seating plans as guests can get up and mingle.


At Rocket, we believe that a great wedding should be environmentally friendly, and we love working with couples that want sustainability to be at the centre of their wedding planning. Sourcing locally, sometimes straight from the local community of the couple, is a thoughtful way to make a wedding greener while supporting the local suppliers.

From eco-friendly party favours to sourcing in-season flowers, we always think creatively to stay green whilst embracing the exceptional. “Think global and source local”.

Timeless Design

Rustic chic may seem cliché but it remains to be the most popular wedding style around. Why change a look that is timeless? From chalk linens to wooden tables, wildflowers all around, a rustic-themed wedding brings a warm and intimate feeling, yet remains smart. The use of pastel and natural colours, mixing glass styles and textures, or connecting nature to the earthy design and décor can all add to the soothing and natural atmosphere of your special day.

Colours are key to set the mood for your big day. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta! This colour is fearless and promotes a festive and cheerful celebration. Your wedding colour should however make your special day feel unique so it is important for you to pick one that brings you joy.

Wedding Flowers

Meanwhile, Sue Barnes, Owner & Creative Director at Lavender Green, shares some insight with us about flower trends for 2023:

“Green & white will always and does remain a timeless combination, though we are finding more couples are wanting to inject a subtle pop of colour as well. The biggest colour trend we are seeing is a delicate, pale neutral palette of nudes, creams and palest pinks with vintage tones, and antique Roses such as Quicksand, Early Grey or Amnesia.”

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