2021 Wedding Trends

It’s finally here. We’ve been mulling over for the past few months what wedding trends we are expecting (and hoping) to see this year. And these are the final thoughts our team have curated. If anything catches your eye please do drop us a line, we’d love to bring it to life for you.

1. Bounty is beautiful

The fact that nature is in itself stunning is not a huge revelation. But we are really thinking about the way over the coming year we use its aesthetic quality to its fullest potential. And not just florals and greenery as we use them now, but the very produce that we eat. We’re feeling that 2020 is going to be full of gorgeous hedgerow inspired installations; tablescapes will be styled with the best of harvest (orchard apples, blushing pink pears); and we just love a food stall that bursts with autumnal squashes or spring brassicas in April and May.

We’ve got all sorts of exciting ideas to capture this trend with unforgettable food stalls and dinnerware styling. Simply call our planning team to hear more about a bespoke ‘bountiful’ proposal.

Jeremy Garson Weddings with flowers by Tattie Rose, Photography by Lara Arnott

2. Flexitarian eating

Not quite vegetarian, but with vegan influences and a low meat/fish intake, flexitarianism is an up-and-coming way to approach food and we rather like it. Balance is the optimal word and it simply means eating a bit less of everything, with a bit more variety. Perhaps you begin your meal with a veggie starter for all, or enjoy a main course that puts equal proportions of animal protein, vegetables and carbohydrates on the plate.

Try something like our Pugliese burrata with Crown Prince squash and miso to begin, and follow with baked stone bass, served with caramelised banana shallot, baked potato textures and grilled cabbage for the ultimate flexi party meal.

3. Greens and golds

The Pantone colour of the year is blue, so this may seem off trend but hear us out. We are loving the depth and variety of greens (some bordering on blue) and golds, and with eco-awareness at an all-time cultural high, we can think of no better colour to translate sustainability to our styling. Think mint for spring; earthy olive in summer; caramel for autumn; teals and golds for winter.

Our senior event manager Sarah has spent the past month seeking out exciting, fresh and unique ways to tablescape. She’s found new suppliers, unearthed hidden gems and we are super thrilled to start sharing the results of her creative efforts. If you want to know what’s new, get in touch (we can’t share all of our secrets here…).

4. Less is more

George Reynolds, food writer, has written that now more than ever we should be celebrating simplicity. Simplicity doesn’t take away from luxury, quite the opposite; to embody sheer elegance and to bring out the best of each and every ingredient is quite the refined skill. So we are championing the ‘less is more’ mantra throughout our new spring summer menus and cookery, with food that is still exceptional, but simple in concept.

5. Return of the roaring 20s

Glamour, opulence, progress, prosperity – describing the Mad Decade sounds something like this. Well, 100 years later we feel it’s time to bring back some of that big and bold party spirit. Art deco styling, feathers, contrasting pops of black and gold; touches of shimmer and shine.

Our pastry chef has been busy conceptualising a glorious all-things-glamorous patisserie boutique. The sort of stall that makes jaws drop and mouths salivate with it’s decadence. Want to know more about this party show-stopper? Ask our team for the proposal. Welcome to the Roaring Twenties 2.0.

6. Relaxed dining

We love all things Ottolenghi and Nigel Slater, so the latter’s 2020 musing that we are seeing a movement towards relaxed dining definitely piques our interest. Of course, we like to give relax-feel food a touch of Rocket luxe. Our middle ground for the coming year sounds something more like lavish sharing plates; banquet style tables loosened up with simple, effective florals and delicate styling and diverse food stations which encourage guests to simply tuck in.

Our sharing menus range in theme from Italian festa to Mediterranean feast. See more photos of our food (warning: food envy guaranteed) here.

7. Speciality bars

It was identified in Vogue as a key party trend and we couldn’t agree more. Letting some of the awesome spirits and liqueurs out there shine with fun and original speciality bars and boutiques is a perfect wedding reception addition. From your very own rum corner to whisky trolleys and Kahlua parlours (espresso martini or white Russians, anyone?), there are infinite options to play around with.

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